95% Of Babies Are Unhappy

Most of the diapers in the market
are too THICK & BULKY for
Sotheast Asia's hot weather

  • Thick & bulky, Non-breathable
  • Poor water absorption & becomes heavy after soaked with urine
  • Bleached with chlorine during production which easily causes skin irritation

Finding the perfect diapers is a real challenge.

That is why we are here to make a change.

Hoppi AirDream Diapers

With the hot and humid weather in Southeast Asia, babies are more prone to skin allergies, rashes and eczema. What more when regular diapers don't even breathe that well?

After 15 months of R&D, we finally did it with Hoppi AirDream Diapers.

Fluff-free, No Chlorine.Trust us when we say these are the thinnest, softest, most absorbent, and most comfortable diapers any baby has ever worn.

2mm Japan Technology.
Advanced 12 Hours No Leakage.

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