2-in-1 Tritan Baby Training Bottle

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Product Description

Hoppi 2-in-1 Tritan Baby Training Bottle is designed to grow together with your child.  Comes with interchangeable lids, it helps with the transition from feeding bottle to straw. Made from high quality Tritan material (BPA Free), our training bottle is break-proof and able to resist high temperatures for disinfection. With the attached 360° gravity ball, your baby can drink in any position. 

Product features

✅ 2-in-1 interchangeable teats - Duckbill Teats & Sippy Straw ✅ Break-proof Tritan material ✅ Resistant to high temperatures (-20℃ to 110℃) ✅ Non-toxic, BPA-free ✅ Non-slip handles - for a firmer grip ✅ Attached with a 360° gravity ball

Is the material safe for babies?

Yes, all elements of the training bottle is made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastics.

Can the bottle withstand hot water?
Yes, the bottle is made to be resistant to high temperatures for disinfection and is safe to handle temperatures from -20℃ to 110℃. However so, do not fill up with liquids over 50°C. Due to expansion of air in the bottle that contains hot liquids, liquid could spurt out and could cause harm to children.

Can I sterilize the bottle using UV sterilizer?
Yes! All parts (including straw) can be sterilized using a UV sterilizer. Please do refer to the instructions on your UV sterilizer device.


What material is the bottle made of?
Body Material : Tritan Temperature: Up to 110℃
Handles Material : PP Temperature: Up to 110℃
Straw Material : Silicone Temperature: Up to 180℃
Bottle Cap/ Lid Material : PP Temperature: Up to 110℃


Is it necessary to wash bottle and teat/straw after every use?

If the bottle is primarily used for milk, yes, please wash them after every use as milk contains fat and protein that cannot be rinsed off by just water. We recommend to use straw cleaner to ensure the inner straw is always clean for your child's consumption.